Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What's in a name?

Naming a child is hard! I remember struggling a little when we had Mace......what would his name be? It took a while before we settled on Mace. We like names that are uncommon--but not too unusual. Short names that could be turned into other nicknames as well--for example, we call Mace Macer a lot. We like a middle name that means something. Mace's middle name is Martin after Rob's dad.

When we found out we were expecting, we didn't have much trouble coming up with boy names. I really thought we would have a boy--I just imagined our family with two boys. At 20 weeks we discovered we were having a girl (although I wouldn't fully believe it until the third ultrasound a few months later.....and even still I look at Remy and think you really are a girl!) and officially had zero girl names. The girl name we would have used when we had Mace was Bridget. I still love it, but now Mace has a little friend at school named Bridget, and it just didn't feel like this baby's name.

The first name we loved for a girl was Philippa--which oddly enough doesn't really match up with what we typically like in names....so maybe that is why we didn't ultimately name her that? We also really like the name Mika, but it didn't feel like this baby's name either. And I'm not even sure where we came across Remy for the first time, but we loved it right away. We wondered if we should spell it Remi to be more feminine--but decided to just stick with the most common spelling after all. Even though we loved this as a first name, it was hard to commit to it because we could not find the perfect middle name. And--we would still go back and forth between Philippa and Remy. Somehow we (probably Mace) let it slip to some of our family members that Remy was a name we were considering.....and then people started referring to her as that. By then, we did really, really wanted that to be her name, but it was hard too because we weren't absolutely certain--and we couldn't decide on a middle name.

If we would have had a boy, his middle name would have been O'Brien which is my grandmother's maiden name. I really wanted to find a name that would honor my side of the family in some way--and since O'Brien represented an entire side of the family, it would have been perfect! For a girl though, it didn't feel right--and it didn't feel girly enough. A few names we considered for middle names were Marie (my mom's middle name), Michelle (my aunt's middle name), and Mikelle (a sort of combo of Michelle and using a K from my mom's name Kristine). None of these felt like her name though.

I looked at tons and tons of name lists, including a lot of fall and Halloween themed names since Remy's due date was Halloween. Eve was a name that showed up on a lot of those lists. My association with it was not Halloween though--it was Christmas!

Eve reminds me of all the Christmas Eves spent at my grandmother's house.....my grandmother who passed away a couple years ago. We spent one final Christmas Eve in her house in 2014 without her there......and then our holiday tradition changed forever. When I landed on the name Eve, it was just so special to me, so perfect to honor my grandmother as well as all of the family members I think of when I remember the Christmas Eves I grew up with. More perfect than O'Brien even because it was not only girly, it just made me think of so many special people and times. Eve I think also represents a time of anticipation and excitement--and that quite perfectly describes our time leading up to having Remy.

It was more of a challenge to name Remy than it was to name Mace, but it just took time to find the name......the name that felt like her name. And now I think it's crazy to look at her.....and just know that is the perfect name for her.....and wonder how she could have ever been anyone except Remy Eve.


  1. What a meaningful name! I love to hear how people choose names!

  2. She is so beautiful! Love her name!

  3. We are in that boat now. Can not decide on a baby girl name for baby number 3 (due in Feb). We have some names on our 'maybe' list, but none of them feel like THE right name. I keep waiting for that 'aha' name to come to us.