Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What Child Is This

Pretty sure it was just Halloween! It seems so sudden that Christmas is here. We have had a fun few weeks preparing for the holidays....these two munchkins are keeping us busy for sure. We started off December with Mace and Remy being baptized on the second Sunday of Advent. It was so special and the church looked perfect all decorated for Christmas. During the service we sang "What Child Is This" which is one of my favorite carols.
Many family members were there to support the children which was especially meaningful to us.
The last couple of weeks have been a blur of wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies. Mace has actually been interested in watching movies lately--generally he is too sensitive to watch movies, and he knows it! He gets teary over everything. The little boy losing the ticket on the Polar Express? Tears. Kevin's mom gone in Home Alone? The absolute worst. We have managed to watch several movies lately though--Home Alone & Home Alone 2 (he just refers to these movies as Kevin 1 and Kevin 2 and knows the entire soundtracks), Elf (he really likes this one), Gremlins (he watched the whole thing surprisingly!), The Polar Express (loves the end), Finding Dory (I thought this was a good sequel. Mace was sad when Dory was alone), and of course Star Wars movies are always on repeat....although The Sandlot is becoming a favorite too.

We also watched The Wizard of Oz and Mace loved it which was really neat since it was my grandma's favorite. Whenever we watch anything, we usually talk about who each of us would be if we dressed like those characters for Halloween. No clue why, we just love Halloween :)) For Wizard of Oz, Mace thought I could be Dorothy, Remy could be the good witch, Rob could be the scarecrow......and when I was absolutely sure Mace would say he wanted to be the tin man.....he said he would be the tornado!!!! WHAT. So crazy.

Let's see...what else. We got Mace a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar which has given him something to look forward to each day.....fun for all of us actually. The Lego City one is really cute too, maybe we'll do that one next year. As usual we may have gone overboard for Christmas, but I'm not kidding when I say that the Christmas in my fantasy is the Christmas the McCallister's wake up to at the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2!!!

Feeling very fortunate this year to have two children to instill the Christmas spirit in.....especially looking forward to Remy Eve's first Christmas Eve.

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