Saturday, May 27, 2017

Preschool graduation

My little summer birthday buddy will be off to half-day kindergarten next year, so we celebrated his graduation from preschool Thursday night. It was so sweet! He has such special teachers who have taught him so much. We feel very fortunate that he will still be with them in the afternoons next year. 

I know Mace would do wonderfully in kindergarten.....he's so smart and such a good listener. Ultimately we decided we want him to stay little for another year! I went to half-day kindergarten when I was a kid, and I loved being one of the oldest in my class, so I hope Mace appreciates that too. Half-day kindergarten programs are rare around here, and it just so happens that my schools offers it. He is officially open-enrolled and will be in my school district for morning kindergarten next year!

Preschool grad May 2017 from Sally on Vimeo.

Singing in the rain from Sally on Vimeo.

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