Thursday, July 27, 2017

Catching up from spring break

Back in March we spent a beautiful week at the beach in Naples with Rob's dad and Mary. It was Remy's first vaycay, so it was extra special. Mace absolutely loves playing in the sand, so we did a lot of just hanging at the beach and out on the patio overlooking the ocean. We spent some time at the pool and made it to the Naples Zoo for the first time as well (They have an anteater there which was the highlight I think! Neat creature.) We are so grateful to be able to spend this time at the beach with the fam!

Honestly it sort of feels like since spring break, all we have done is pack and do laundry! We have gone on a few other little trips this summer, and it has been the absolute best! Looking forward to a couple more weeks of summer before school starts again.

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