Saturday, January 09, 2021


Even though 2020 is a year we will always look back on and remember for being the year of the pandemic, I posted absolutely nothing last year.  I might want to remember the timeline of how our lives played out though.
  • First week of February 2020: We went to Walt Disney World for a long weekend! We loved it and had so much fun. We ate croissants in France at EPCOT, took Remy on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (twice!), and just had a magical weekend.
  • Beginning of March, COVID-19 was beginning to spread to Iowa. We had parent-teacher conferences right before going in to spring break, and everyone was sort of disillusioned. Parents I visited with sort of laughed nervously about what was going on in the world and discussed various trips that friends and family were canceling or debating canceling. One of my colleagues had planned to go to Disneyland over break, but they closed--and they are still closed as of this writing. Before we left school that Thursday night of conferences heading in to break, we heard that Des Moines Public Schools would take an extra couple of weeks off after break. It was really surprising.
  • We were supposed to be heading to Naples, Florida to see Mart & Mary and we were so conflicted about going. The news was dire about how bad the virus was and how easily it spread. Even on the drive to the airport, we considered just staying home. We did go after all, and had great weather and a great time. Ben & Jerry's closed down while we were there (the day we were going to go!) and we mostly got takeout and played on the beach and at the pool. The beaches ended up closing right after we got back to Iowa. The airport was pretty crowded heading home and we remember seeing just one couple wearing masks. Now we have lived for 10 months wearing masks everywhere.
  • Governor Reynolds ended up calling off our school year in Iowa. Every school district offered their own version of voluntary school, but it was sure a sad way to end the year.
  • We tried to get outside as much as we could, especially to check out new places. Lilly really loved it when we could bring her along! Lakes, parks, trails....we saw a lot of new-to-us places that we have been back to visit several times!
  • Mace's spring soccer season was canceled, but they offered the players different voluntary workouts to do virtually, which Mace did. Of course it wasn't the same, but it was something.
  • The pools didn't open for the summer, but a couple splash pads did.  Mace had some summer soccer opportunities which was amazing. Both kids were able to play tennis every day for six weeks, and Mace played golf on Saturdays in June. We were so, so happy for these things to do, but all the while we wondered and questioned every move we made.
  • Our school spent first semester on a hybrid model, where masks were required, and Mace has gone to school 2-3 days a week and then brought home work to do on the other days. He did really well with keeping up with his studies and has become a good reader and an excellent mathematician. Remy went back to preschool and daycare in August and has gone every day with no problems.
  • Rob's company decided not to renew the lease on their building, since all their employees were already working at home anyway. We finished our basement so that Rob would have an actual office and we would simply have more space since we have been occupying our home more than usual!
  • Mace played fall soccer and was at soccer more often than at school some weeks. His season went perfectly with the team being able to have every training and every game. He had a great season and really became a leader on his team.
  • Remy was able to play fall soccer too. She also started a combo tap and jazz dance class, where she wears a mask without complaint.
  • For winter soccer, both Mace and Remy have to wear masks while they play, but all the players have done so well with this requirement. We have been so grateful for something to do.
  • We are set to return to all students back in school five days a week this month. I think it will be overwhelming for everyone. 
  • I am happy that some health care workers have been able to be vaccinated; I am looking forward to the state casting a wider net for everyone being able to be vaccinated, especially seniors and those who have compromised health already.
  • January 6, 2021: Insane Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, incited by the president himself. I don't know what the rest of 2021 holds, but it's off to an iffy start, that is for sure. A word of the year already is "insurrection". I want the pandemic to be over, to have some normal politicians in office, and to be able to make plans again!

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